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Sponsor Information for Forumla Drift Skate Event

Posted on March 22, 2012 - 1:05pm

In the past, Formula Drift has proudly sponsored The ASK Foundation, working with us to promote our mission to help at-risk youth. 20 l 2 marks the first year that we will host a skate demo event alongside the Formula Drift race April 6th & 7th in Long Beach, California. The skate demo allows our Action Sports Kids to demonstrate their talent and skill while giving us the opportunity to raise awareness of the need for safe environments, activities and education for our youth.

How Will Your Company Benefit By Becoming a Sponsor?

Increase Visibility, Build Your Brand and Connect With a Growing Community

This event draws more than 16,000 attendees. Leverage the publicity and take advantage to market your business!

Build your company’s image by associating with ASK Long Beach and our mission to make a difference for the thousands of at-risk youth in our community.

Develop a long-term relationship with the community in a meaningful way, providing another avenue of support beyond traditional advertising.

We are excited to help your company spread your brand with this massive event and look forward to working with you. We offer limited booth space as well as banner space and the availabilities are on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • 10x10 Booth - $500* donation (Includes up to 3 banner placements within the demo area) Wrist band with general
    admission supplied for 4 people
  • 10x10 Booth - $800* donation (includes up to 6 banner placements within the demo area) Wrist band with
    general admission supplied for 6 people 0 Banner - I 50 donation per banner (largest banner may be 3 x 6 within
    the demo area)
  • Drift Car Ride - $2000 minimum donation bid (highest bid wins ride along, booth space and up to IO banner
    placements within the demo area)
  • *There will be an $87/day city permit fee for Vendor Sales
  • Space is limited, Deadline to reserve spot is March 30, 20l 2

Our sponsorship team would be happy to speak with you soon to move forward.

Please contact us to reserve your spot today!