Recap of ASK Skate Team at First Annual Fifth Avenue Event

Submitted by askollieskateteam on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 18:29

Post By ASK Long Beach President, Cory Keen

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, the ASK Long Beach skate team made a trek to Hollenbeck skatepark to attend and compete in the first annual "Fifth Ave" Open skate competition. The contest was hosted by the likes of Pro skaters Chad Fernandez and Steven Cales and aimed to give one lucky skater an opportunity to obtain a one-year board company sponsorship as well as create a fun filled day of shredding and free product.

The day started with piling in eight of our skate team members into ASK Long Beach founder and Executive Director, Mike Donelon's Suburban accompanied by two trailing vehicles (Pres. Cory Keen and Vice Pres. Rebecca Syracopoulos) with other ASK Long Beach youth. We arrived a bit early... as in first ones there early. The kids were stoked anyways enjoying the park to themselves and we got a chance to meet and chat with all that were involved with putting the competition on. We even had the pleasure of meeting another action sports based family of nonprofits from East Los Angeles called “The New Way of Life”. They are working for a better future, recycling the art of the world of aerosol artists, incorporating hip-hop, rock n’ roll music, skateboarding and an array of talent created by the youth of the East Los Angeles community since 2009.

It was pretty refreshing to see so many like minded individuals in one place striving towards the same goal of empowering the youth in their prospective communities. Looking forward to linking up with some of our new friends at our upcoming events and contests. It was also really enjoyable being on the other side of the skate comp... aka in the skatepark as spectators rather than the ones putting on the competition.

Skater Carlos Lastra and ASK Long Beach Founder Mike Donelon

Our skate team as you can imagine; feeling like big time pros traveling to a skate competition, skated their hearts out. Boards snapped, bearings blew, sweat poured, countless complementary Jarritos and Pop Waters were consumed, and to top it all off one of our skate team members/ advisory board members took 2nd place in the whole competition. None other than than crazy talented and ever humble Carlos Lastra threw a variety of some of the most difficult flip tricks in the game down Hollenbeck's iconic oversized 7 stair landing him in 2nd place. Carlos has been involved, competes in our competitions, and apart of our foundation's advisory board meetings for several years now. We're beyond stoked and honored to have him apart of our team. Congrats Carlos!